If you post a play video (including BGM sound effects and voices of individual characters (hereinafter the same)) provided by Asobism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), you can use the site for personal use only, in accordance with this guideline.

Ⅰ Company games included here

  1. Castle and Dragon

  2. Dragon Poker

  3. Vivid Knight

  4. ʘmʘchim

Ⅱ Video-sharing Sites Where Nonetization Is Possible

  1. If you post a play video of the Company's games on any of the following sites, you can monetize the relevant play video by using the monetization system of the relevant site.

    1. YouTube

    2. Facebook

    3. Nico Nico Video / Nico Nico Live Braodcasting

    4. TwitCasting

    5. Mirrativ


    7. Mildom

    8. Twitch

Ⅲ Contents of videos

  1. The play video to be posted shall add the unique creativity of each user by adding actual sounds and/or comments, but it is not intended to use a content screen or other data as it is, or enjoy only BGM, sound effects, voices of characters or the like.

  2. The contents shall not damage the Company's creations or the Company's image due to extreme cruelty or explicit sexual expressions.

  3. The content must not be offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise lacking in consideration for third parties.

  4. The content must not violate laws, ordinances, public order and morals, or benefit antisocial forces.

  5. The play video posted shall not be used to falsify the official videos of the Company or its services.

  6. The following message shall be displayed on the page where the play video is posted:
    "This video is approved by Asobism Co., Ltd., and used as a work protected by the Company. Kindly refrain from reproduction and distribution of this video".

  7. The user shall clarify where responsibility concerning the relevant play video lies, for example, by specifying where enquiries concerning it can be made.

  8. The contents of the play video shall not violate the user agreement regarding the relevant contents which are stipulated separately.

Ⅳ Other matters

  1. If the Company has decided to request the deletion of the play video, the user shall comply with such request immediately.

  2. The contents of the Guideline may be changed without any notice. Before posting a play video, you should always confirm the current Guideline. The Company shall in no case bear any responsibility for damages caused by any changes to the Guideline.

Established on April 9, 2021
Revised on May 27, 2021
Revised on April 3, 2023
Revised on November 24, 2023
Asobism Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohisa Ote