If you produce a derivative work by using contents provided by Asobism Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), you can use it for personal use only, in accordance with the contents of the Guideline.

Ⅰ Derivative Works Produced by Using the Works of the Company

  1. Creation, display, and distribution of illustrations and manga or cartoons

  2. Creation, display, and distribution of 3D works, including figure dolls and stuffed animals

  3. Creation, display and use of costume play

  4. Distribution, display, screening, and publication on a website of pictures and videos of costume play

  5. Creation and publication of a strategy site or a data compilation site

Ⅱ Important Notes regarding Production of Derivative Works

  1. Derivative works shall not be used for commercial purposes.
    * Although some small-scale activities such as a fun activity may be deemed as being non-profit, all sales activities open to the public through a third party shall be regarded as having commercial purposes, regardless of sales prices and quantities, including commission-based sales and the use of auction sites.

  2. Derivative works shall not damage the Company's works or the Company's image due to extreme cruelty or explicit sexual expressions.

  3. Derivative works shall not be used to falsify the Company or official derivative works with the same contents.

  4. The following message shall be displayed on derivative works:
    "This work is approved by Asobism Co., Ltd., and used as a work protected by the Company. Kindly refrain from reproduction and distribution of this work".

  5. The user shall clarify where responsibility concerning the relevant derivative work lies, for example, by specifying where enquiries concerning it can be made.

  6. Derivative works shall not violate the user agreement regarding the relevant contents which are stipulated separately.

Ⅲ Other matters

  1. If the Company has decided to request discontinuation of production of the derivative work, the user shall comply with such request immediately.

  2. The contents of the Guideline may be changed without notice. Before producing a derivative work, you should always confirm the current Guideline. The Company shall in no case bear any responsibility for damages caused by any changes to the Guideline.

Established on April 9, 2021
Asobism Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomohisa Ote