Company Identity

Our mission is
to "leverage each individual's specialty".

Probably, there are a lot of people who have great ability but are not aware of it.
This is not just limited to studying, sports, and art.

If you like something very much, you can continue doing it without getting tired of it - or you have tremendous focus, and manifest unbelievable aptitude when you do it.

The important thing is that you find your "specialty",
and demonstrate your own ability to the maximum.

I believe that by doing so, you can create something new and fun for the livelihood of all people,
and provide something new and surprising for the world.

To leverage individual specialties, collect them all together,
and continuously produce the ultimate in works of entertainment --- this is the driving force behind our company, Asobism.

Representative: Tomohisa Ote
t. Ote

What our Company Logo Stands for

To Imbue the World
with a Playful Spirit

The company logo "あ" was designed by SUN-AD, Inc. in the 5th year of our establishment (the design was created by my father-in-law who was an artist).
I selected a single typical Japanese character as a motif, because I wanted a design which represents our identity as a Japanese company while being recognized around the world.
The pronunciation of "あ" or "a" expresses feelings of surprise and discovery, and the character "あ" is the first in the Japanese syllabary.
I hope that Asobism's works will bring surprise and a feeling of discovery to a large number of people, and that they remember our company first wherever they find our works --- that's what our company logo stands for.

Business Location

Asobism recommends telecommuting, and our employees engage in various tasks at each business location. The offices in Tokyo and Nagano are not places to work every day, but serve as meeting places for the members of a team to gather. We aim at a free and diversified work style in response to changing times.